gb whatsapp download 2019 new version 7.81

gb whatsapp download 2019 new version 7.81

This is also a type of WhatsApp application itself.  But, this is something different than General WhatsApp  It gives you many different features than the normal WhatsApp, which you can use to simplify many of your work.πŸ›‘️
GB WhatsApp

gb whatsapp download 2019 new version 7.81
 In this case, you will find all those features which are available in WhatsApp.  The most important thing about this app is that it has become popular among the people in a very short time.  Its the only reason for its popularity in such a short time is its features.πŸ›‘️

 GB WhatsApp created?

 This app is made by a very large developer, rather than a normal developer.  GB Whatsapp is designed by Mr Omar GK.  It has been developed in the year 2018.πŸ›‘️

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GB WhatsApp Features.

 If we talk about its benefits, then you have many advantages by using it, which have some advantages: -gb whatsapp download 2019 new version 7.81
  •  You can easily do many of your work using GB Whatsapp.πŸ›‘️
  •  You can also send your message to any of the Privet Group using it.πŸ›‘️
  •  In this Apps, you have the facility of DND that does not disturb, which can prevent all your chat messages by enabling you.πŸ›‘️
  •  Once given the option to select and read all the Chat messages.πŸ›‘️
  •  In this, you can create a shortcut for any contact or group chat.πŸ›‘️
  •  all the features of GB WhatsAppπŸ›‘️
  •  Well if there is talk about its features then there are so many.  But, still sharing some features here.πŸ›‘️
  •  WhatsApp is the best and fast application that lets you send a message in a short time.πŸ›‘️
  •  If you are a businessman then this is very good for you.  You will be given an auto-reply message which you can use to automatically reply to customers without message type.πŸ›‘️
  •  In this, you can clear the history of chat in all the contact list and group list at once.πŸ›‘️
  •  You are also given a lot of themes which you can download and play according to your wishes.πŸ›‘️
  •  You can customize the size of the font according to your own, i.e. large, small, medium and so on.πŸ›‘️
  •  It also allows you to set a custom wallpaper in Chat's background.πŸ›‘️
  •  You are also allowed to change many different languages ​​in this app.πŸ›‘️
  •  You can also change the colour of chat, header, contact etc. in GB Wattsapp.πŸ›‘️
  •  From here you can also make phone calls, video call and voice call through WhatsAppSpace.πŸ›‘️
  •  In the usual Whitespace, you could only send a few images at a time, but in this, you will be able to send more than 50 images at a time.πŸ›‘️
  •  If you are online and you do not want people to know, then you can hide it even if you are online.πŸ›‘️
  •  You can also lock in the password in your GB whitespace.πŸ›‘️
  •  You can send any video files up to 50 MB in maximum.πŸ›‘️
  •  It also allows you to change the icon of your Gb WhatsApp applications.  You will be able to set the icon according to your choice. πŸ›‘️
  • You can add videos or images from 30 seconds to 7 MB in your status.πŸ›‘️
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